Safe Driving for Postal Drivers Has its Rewards

As seen in the Martinsville Bulletin, Timothy “Flick” Hale was inducted in to the Million Mile Club for driving several hundred thousand miles with no accidents there were his fault.   

Of the 216,000 postal drivers in the US, only 7,500 have been inducted into the Million Mile Club per Tad Kelly, a spoksesperson for the USPS Appalacian District.  This  honor can be achieved either through driving 1 million miles with no at-fault accidents or 30 years of service and less than 1 million miles of no-fault accidents, according to Kelley and Hale.

Hale said his driving as a long distance truck driver helped his driving skills.

Safe driving also means less insurance claims and less injuries.  Which is important to all drivers and their employers.  To read more about Timothy Hale click this link.

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