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ARCHER JORDAN works with independent agents, brokers, consultants and referral partners working with federal and/or state prevailing wage contractors, and American corporations with large hourly workforces by:

  • Providing deep subject matter expertise
  • Best in class health and welfare products
  • Institutional level retirement plan consulting and fees
  • A Proprietary HR/Enrollment and Compliance Technology Platform
  • The industry’s highest compensation 

Looking for Kindred Spirits, Independent Thinkers, Self Starters

The Pay is Great!

At ARCHER JORDAN, we value personal style, gutsy individualism, thinking out of the box, and doers, not just talkers. If you’re tired of putting up with the Neanderthal antics of, OK, I’ll be nice, 99% of the insurance agencies out there, then ARCHER JORDAN may be the place for you. Do you like to make good money, I mean really good money, then you definitely want to talk with us. Oh, ethics, are a big issue around here, but if you’ve got that piece, everything else is downhill. Would it help if you had a back office that utilized light speed technology, simple methodologies, and get-er’ done and get-out of the office strategies, you have found the right place! Give us a call and let’s talk about a future you can get excited about. And please, insurance professionals only, we are too busy to train anyone. You’re an independent agent here, we handle the back office, service the accounts, you make excellent money. 

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Let Us Help You Close Government Contract, and Large Hourly Workforce Business! As an insurance professional chances are you are not familiar with the world of government contracting or Hourly Workforces. If you should happen to come across a prospect or have a client working in either area, you’ll need help. When you partner with ARCHER JORDAN, you provide exceptional value to your State Prevailing Wage, Davis-Bacon, Service Contract Act and Hourly Workforce clients. Our carrier, TPA, vendor and technology relationships and solutions, offices in CA, TX, Wash D.C. and NY, give us a national profile. 


A partnership with ARCHER JORDAN means our considerable expertise in working with Government Contractors and large Hourly Workforces is at your disposal. Our core business as Fringe Benefit Advisors is focused on evaluating, designing and implementing bona-fide Health and Group Benefits plans that are PPACA and USDOL compliant. Because ARCHER JORDAN belongs to a large risk pool, we are able to provide all of your large group clients (50+) with the same preferred rates our high performing 1000+ EE companies enjoy. Our veteran team of industry advisors average over 15 years of experience in helping Government Contractors and Large Hourly Workforces streamline their benefits administration, maximize owner, executive and management contributions to retirement accounts, while providing their work forces with meaningful medical, dental, vision, life and supplemental benefits. Our experts make sure your clients stay in compliance with the PPACA, and the myriad of government regulations.

ARCHER JORDAN helps your clients:

  • Allocate their entire fringe
  • Provide Surprisingly Affordable Cost to Hourly Workforces
  • Maximize owner contributions to Retirement accounts
  • Save on profit sharing costs
  • Provide quality benefits from national carriers and vendors
  • Ensure compliance with government regulations
  • Provide 24/7 Employer and Employee Benefits plan access

Our producer partners are our most valued associates, and as such our compensation and support model reflects that principle. Become the trusted advisor your client’s executive team depends on. ARCHER JORDAN is here to support you, your career, and your clients.

5-Easy Steps to Fringe Benefit Compliance

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