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Our Surprisingly Affordable PPACA Tax and Benefits Compliance Plan

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Running an operationally efficient contact or call center that delivers a high quality customer experience can be a difficult objective to achieve. Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and their expectations for quality customer service and support is steadily growing. According to a recent Avaya Consumer Preference Report, only 26 percent of consumers surveyed believe contact centers provide great support compared to 49 percent who do not. So how do you balance the need to keep call center costs under control while at the same time meet your customers’ expectations for a quality customer support experience?

 Dale Roth, “Point b” Management Consultants

Does the above quote ring true for you and your team? Has The “Affordable Care Act” proved to be less than affordable? Our “SimplePlan” is the most cost efficient benefits model, built from the ground up for the hourly workforce, available in the marketplace. ARCHER JORDAN’S a broad range of product options and design schemes, allows you to offer a wide variety of healthcare coverage options to your employees, with cost saving being our strongest suit.

“WorkforceMEC 100” gives your employees choice and dignity

A recently completed SHRM national survey, helps us better understand that the most important quality customers want to see in hourly workers is a good attitude. We believe that providing employees a choice of healthcare benefits, along with training and development opportunities, helps ensure that the employees attitude and initiative remains positive and engaged. While some hourly workers may be able to find affordable healthcare options on their own, this may not be the case for everyone. A well-designed employee benefits package can help drive employee engagement and increase staff retention.

5-Easy Steps to Fringe Benefit Compliance

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