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Do The Right Thing

As of January of 2014, every individual in the United States was required to have health insurance. January, 2015, is the date the employer mandates takes effect, requiring many employers to provide healthcare coverage or face stiff penalties. If you are under the 50 FTE employee requirement or you choose to pay penalties rather than offer coverage, your employees will be forced to navigate the insurance marketplace and/or exchanges on their own. By taking responsibility and implementing a bona fide benefits plan, you can make life much easier for your employees (and utilize fringe dollars to reduce your payroll burden).

Transparency is the Key to Compliance

Health insurance mandates and the process of allocating fringe dollars can be very complex and confusing. Contractors Trust simplifies the benefits process and ensures complete transparency. We’ve designed our secure online portal so that it’s easy for employees to choose and manage their benefits array and see where every dollar goes. This transparency reduces frustration, eases worry and goes a long way toward improving employee trust and satisfaction.

Employee Retention

Failure to offer health insurance is not only a mistake, it’s an invitation to employee turnover—which ends up costing you in both time and resources. Because of the new federal requirements and the hassle of finding individual coverage, the most skilled and experienced workers are likely to seek an employer that offers a bona fide benefits plan. Our IRS Approved Trust and Department of Labor accepted bona fide plan has you covered.

Healthy Employees are Happy Employees

Most hourly workers are just one serious illness away from financial hardship and medical debt. Should one of your workers or their family members become ill, and lack health insurance, the financial stress is sure to affect their morale and productivity. It’s better to offer coverage before that becomes an issue.

Educate Your Workers

At ARCHER JORDAN, educating your employees is our priority, about government healthcare mandates, their options, and the ways everyone benefits from implementing a bona fide benefits strategy. We provide employee support materials, assist with meetings and create a conversation that gains employee support and continued participation in your new program.

Keep healthcare private

By offering a bona fide benefits program, you reduce the need for government involvement and become a proactive part of the independent healthcare ecosystem.

Win more jobs with higher wages

When a company wins jobs, employees have continued work. Because a bona fide benefits plan reduces the payroll taxes and other costs incurred by paying the fringe as cash, it allows companies to reduce their labor costs and win more jobs, including higher paying public jobs.

5-Easy Steps to Fringe Benefit Compliance

In this FREE guide we’ll show you how to create a fringe benefit plan that secures your business