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ARROW Contractors Trust

When you partner with ARCHER JORDAN and our ARROW Contractors Trust, you are partnering with passionate and seasoned benefit and retirement professionals—who just happen to specialize in working with government contractors. Importantly, we place our clients, their employees, and the safety and security of their company benefits plan first.

Our Mantra 

“Being of Service to Others”

ARROW Contractors Trust

Fringe benefits contributions are made to ARROW Contractors Trust monthly and credited to the account of each of your employees, both to your Welfare trust or VEBA, Voluntary Employee Benefits Association, and to your Retirement Trust. Regular statements, as well as an online portal, are available to you and your employees so you can both see when contributions and benefits payments are made, as well as each individual’s account balance.

We custom design each client’s plan to maximize savings, ensure compliance and provide flexible benefit solutions tailored to your employees. Benefit offerings can include medical (fully insured or self-insured) dental, vision, life and disability insurance, vacation and holiday pay, apprentice training, supplemental unemployment and retirement plan benefits. Funds can be held in reserve to pay for benefits during periods of layoff.

“If your competitors on prevailing wage projects already have bona fide benefits plans in place and you don’t, you’re probably losing business.”

Win More Jobs

Stay Compliant

Reduce Your Workload

  • Minimize your payroll tax burden
  • Eliminate fines and penalties (And the possibility of being ineligible for state and federal bid opportunities)
  • Reduce wage disparity between government and negotiated contracts
  • Enhance recruiting and retain quality employees by providing meaningful benefits
  • Increase bid competitiveness and profits

Safety and Security

Independent trustee, trustee services, custodian services, trust administration, insurance, bonding, audit, and our team

Fiduciary Hierarchy

  • Independent Trustee: Reliance Trust Company (Reliance Trust) is one of the largest trust companies in the United States with more than $160+ billion in assets under management and administration. It is the flagship subsidiary of FIS Global. FIS is the world’s largest provider of banking and payments technology solutions, and a global leader in consulting and outsourcing solutions. They reside on the Fortune 500 and are a member of Standard & Poor’s 500®Index. 

  • Trustee Services: We assume fiduciary responsibility for Plan investment and activities

  • Custodian Services: We provide safekeeping, processing and accounting of all Plan assets

  • Trust Administration: We provide ministerial duties including tax reporting

  • Insurance: Fiduciary liability insurance, Professional liability for Plan Administration and Investment Advisory

  • Bonding:  ERISA fidelity bonding

  • Audit: Independent trust audits annually

  • Our Team: Personalized service is how we remain current on client requirements and attention to detail keeps us vital and engaged in all facets of our service offerings.  Our team of financial experts is devoted to exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our ability to carry out this aim rests solely on the talent and expertise of our people. We foster a company culture of integrity, leadership, innovation and high-quality service.  We work hard to ensure that we attract, enhance and retain the most qualified and experienced people in the business.

Compliance Equals Savings

We ensure client compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, increase their profitability, structuring their benefits plans so they can bid more competitively, reduce insurance premium spend and make the owners, management and employees more financially secure through best practices in investment choices and management.  

By moving prevailing wage fringe dollars out of payroll and into bona fide benefits, our clients save by reducing payroll related cost such as FICA, Workers Compensation, and Liability Insurance. To see how much you may be able to save, see our calculator above.

Our Services (A partial list)

  • Benefits and retirement plan consulting, including healthcare benefits, supplemental unemployment benefits and pension plans.
  • Health-insurance product development and brokerage
  • Retirement plan investment advisory
  • Health plan administration and record-keeping using our own online benefits platform, ARROW Cloud Systems. Each employer’s plan is custom programmed to satisfy their unique HR/Enrollment and Compliance Record-keeping needs
  • Retirement plan administration and record-keeping
  • ERISA 403 (a) discretionary trustee services
  • Technology management and implementation to government contractors 

Why You Need a Specialist

Prevailing wage contractors need medical coverage with the flexibility to handle the unique challenges they face:

  • multiple job-sites in several states
  • rapid employee turnover
  • multiple employee classes
  • seasonality
  • job interruptions
  • complex administrative
  • accounting and compliance burdens

Bonafide prevailing wage benefits plans require an understanding and application of a multitude of rules and regulations. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), IRS rules, the Davis-Bacon Act and state prevailing wage regulations must be carefully coordinated to preserve the compliance integrity and tax advantages of a plan. ARCHER JORDAN understands the complexities and ramifications of not only designing your plan but also administering it in a way that makes it easy for you. Our fees are competitive and our results are proven.

A benefits provider who is unfamiliar with this unique market can overlook important issues, resulting in contractors spending more money and time on their plans, not to mention the possibility of the plan failing to comply with ever-changing government regulations.


A personalized approach

  • Our clients are treated like family. The reason is simple. We understand and value the contribution our clients make to our associates at ARCHER JORDAN. And, as good as we are at our business, we remain grateful for your business.
  • We carefully evaluate your company’s situation, including your existing amount of public work, to determine what type of prevailing wage plan is appropriate – and then we design it.

Welfare and Retirement Plans

  • After a comprehensive review of your existing plan design, we prioritize what matters to your organization in the way of benefits offered and their cost structure. 
  • Depending on the type of benefits being offered, we can custom design benefits in order to meet the unique need of your company and your people.
  • Once the benefits array has been chosen, then we go to market, and receive firm pricing and terms for each individual benefit being offered.
  • During open enrollment, we work alongside our client’s HR department to assist in all employee communications, assessment of dependent eligibility, opt-out eligibility and provide a client and participant portal for benefits selection and posting summary plan descriptions. 

Benefit Products

  • Retirement Plans
  • Major Medical (Fully-insured and self-funded)
  • Gap Plans
  • MEC/MVP Strategies 
  • Limited Medical (Our Part Time Plan)
  • Supplemental Unemployment Plans (Our Cash Plan)
  • Apprentice Training
  • Vacation and Holiday Plans 
  • Specialty Benefits including:
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Group Term Life Insurance/AD&D
    • Short Term Disability Income Protection
    • Accident Insurance
    • Critical Illness
    • Employee Assistance Plans (EAP)
    • Additional Specialty Benefits

Full-service plan administration

  • Processing of health & welfare insured benefits and cash benefits
  • Insured benefits options include
    • Benefits banking for insurance premiums during seasonal layoffs
    • Seamless integration between the bona fide health & welfare plan and the retirement plan, allowing for discretionary company contributions for owners and key employees

Competitive fees

  • We charge a straight percentage of the fringe supplements contributed to ARROW Contractors Trust and a small one-time setup fee.
  • Our relationship with Reliance Trust allows us to pass down institutional pricing to our members. 


3 handbook cover images.

For Government Contractors

Our Contract Compliance
Handbook Series will help ensure your company is fully compliant and positioned to win and secure more bids!


AD & D
Affordable Care Act
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Compliance Tips
Critical Illness
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Davis Bacon Act
DE Prevailing Wage
Department of Labor
Disability Insurance
Employee Benefits
Employee Training
Employer Tips
Farm Labor Plan
Fixed Indemnity
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Fringe Benefits
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Health and Welfare Wrap
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