Bonafide Fringe Benefit Plan Administration

ARCHER JORDAN Plan Compliance Resources

When it comes to safeguarding the legal and regulatory integrity of our client benefit and retirement plans, ARCHER JORDAN spares no expense. From our fiduciary trust arrangements, custom legal document preparation, record-keeping, audit support and independent accounting and reporting, we take your peace of mind seriously. 

Legal, Compliance and Licensing Services

  • Custom plan documents and summary plan descriptions, created by our own legal counsel
  • Establishment of trust arrangements, development of trust documents and agreements, and trustee support
  • Proprietary cloud data management system, HR/Enrollment, ACA compliance reporting and plan record-keeping 
  • HIPPA Privacy and Security rules monitoring and agreements compliance
  • Tracking federal regulations governing ERISA plans as well as state legislation and regulatory compliance
  • Contracting with agents, brokers, consultants and referral partners
  • Carrier appointments
  • Affordable Care Act compliance
  • DOL audit support
  • Licensing for sales staff, enrollment staff and subsidiaries

Accounting Services

  • Independent and second level accounting for all cash received and disbursed for each plan
  • Monthly financial reports for each Trust including balance statements, income statements, and bank reconciliations
  • Commission payments and commission statement distribution to agents, brokers, consultants and referral partners
  • Form 1099 issuance (including providers)
  • Payroll processing including quarterly and year-end reporting
  • Independent audit support for Form 5500 filings
  • Support for Form 5500 , Form 990 and Form 1041 filings
  • Monthly reconciliation of carrier’s premiums and monthly disbursement of funds


5-Easy Steps to Fringe Benefit Compliance

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