NSRMCA: The Drivers Series, Part-4

Staying Healthy On the Road

Repost from Smart-Trucking.com

There’s lots truck driver health advice floating around out there.

In fact, I’m sure most truckers are saturated with everyone giving their two cents worth what drivers SHOULD be doing to stay healthy.

Life on the road can become an all-consuming lifestyle. Sadly, this lifestyle often reflects a lack of care for one’s own health. Truck drivers on average, due to their lifestyle, statistically have more health problems and shorter life spans than people in other careers.

Everything from lack of exercise, cramped work space to lung disease from diesel fumes are now proven to be connected to the lifestyle of a trucker. 

Enough research is now confirmed about the health hazards of a trucking career to take preventative steps.

It often looks overwhelming and too difficult, so many don’t start or give up too soon……Staying healthy and fit is very important for the trucker, but it must be a ‘permanent’ life-style change.

In order for the change to be permanent, the ‘new habits’ must be formed slowly, within a comfort range for the individual.

For long-term, permanent results, pick one or 2 things about your habits, lifestyle or diet that you’d like to change, and work on them.

When you feel you are making progress with them, then work on changing something else.


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