Prevailing Wage Retirement Plans

Prevailing Wage Plans-Vacation / Holiday

When you’re performing prevailing wage work and have exceptionally high fringe rates, a Vacation/Holiday Benefit Plan could be the perfect fit for you! Vacation / holiday plans are easy to explain to your crew—and—even easy to administer, they can be paired with other employee benefits products to get your Davis-Bacon fringe benefits dollars (not to mention State Prevailing Wage-Fringe) off of the payroll. Let us show you how a Vacation/Holiday plan can help out your employees and make your business more profitable!

Popular with Employees

Everyone loves a Vacation and/or Holiday, especially your employees!

Easy to Administration

A simple payout schedule makes it easy to administer AND popular with employees!

Lowers Overall Costs

Removing the fringe from the payroll lowers operating costs!

Increased Competitiveness

Employees look for companies that look after them!

“ARROW Contractors Trust” by ARCHER JORDAN, We Make Benefits More Fun!

5-Easy Steps to Fringe Benefit Compliance

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