Prevailing Wage Retirement Plans

Prevailing Wage Retirement Plans

Prevailing Wage Retirement Plans by ARCHER JORDAN, provide financial services to prevailing wage contractors of all types. Service Contract Act, Davis Bacon Act, and state prevailing wage contractors all entrust ARCHER JORDAN with their fringe contributions for safety, securely and correct placement. Managing these important fringe dollars isn’t difficult for us because we have painstakingly created the most durable, efficient and affordable prevailing wage benefits and retirement program in the business.

A Partial List of  Services:

  • Retirement Trust

  • Participant Experience

  • Investments

  • Fees

  • SUB Plan

  • Vacation / Holiday Plans

ARROW Administrative Services

ARROW Administrative Services, a subsidiary of ARCHER JORDAN, is our in-house administrative engine. We have developed a simple system that relies on our proprietary and cutting edge ARROW Cloud Systems data management platform. Through ARROW we track fringe contributions, hours reporting, benefit elections, employee hire and term dates, eligibility, and much more.

Our relationship with Reliance Trust in Atlanta, GA, one of the nation’s largest trust banks with over $160 billion in assets under management, gives us a serious edge over the small regional trust banks the largest of our competitors use. Staffed with a retirement plan advisory board that has few peers in the financial services industry, along with institutional pricing unheard of in the world of prevailing wage pension plans, no one can compete with the strength of our offerings. 

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5-Easy Steps to Fringe Benefit Compliance

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