California Prevailing Wage Contractors Fringe Benefit Plan

PPACA Tax and Benefit Compliance Plan & Trust 

IRS Approved and Department of Labor Bona-fide

Arrow Contractors Trust: Our IRS Approved and Department of Labor Bona-fide Fringe Benefit Plan and Trust. Always Custom Designed from Scratch for You. The “Original” Unbundled, 100% Custom PPACA Tax and Benefit Compliance Plan. Win More Jobs, Save Payroll Tax, Reduce Your Workload.


Arrow Contractors Trust by ARCHER JORDAN, is proud to claim California as the home of our West Coast offices. With a state as diverse and politically charged as California, it’s never a dull moment for our contractor clients. 

Compliance is the key issue here in the Golden State for most contractors, proceeding or following, depending on the day, saving money. Fortunately for our clients, they benefit from two national legal teams along with a handful of regional ERISA and Labor specialty law firms, who dedicate a large chunk of their practice to the construction trades. With the California Department of Industrial Relations stepping up enforcement of prevailing wage laws, and increased contract scrutiny at every turn, savvy contractors understand the stakes are too high to be out of compliance. We have the solution— 

5-Easy Steps to Fringe Benefit Compliance

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