How Fringe Benefits Can Attract More Americans to Go Back to Work

Employee benefits programs help lower the unemployment rate in the country. Low unemployment rate could indicate an improved economy and better quality of life for Americans.

Recent reports on employment in the US indicate that there has been an increase in the number of jobs in the country. Ironically, over 7.5 million Americans still don’t have a job and are having a hard time to provide for their needs. The need for lawmakers to come up with an effective approach to help alleviate the lives of the people is greater than ever.

The Adult and Dislocated Workers Program

In response to the need to improve the lives of millions of Americans, the Adult and Dislocated Workers Program was funded by the federal government. It aims to help people looking for a job by giving a wide range of services that focus on employment. Programs like this are continuously being evaluated in order to better understand which strategies are most effective in creating jobs for the Americans. An interim report done by the Mathematica Policy Research was published in November, providing an analysis of the first 15 months of the program.

The interim report puts the program in a good light. The findings indicate that the help given by employment counselors in job centers all over the country is indeed beneficial, not only to find a new job but in increasing their income as well. Employment counselors who serve in Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs organize workshops, assessments, and personal assistance related to career and service planning.

Employment rates were also seen to improve by 8% during the fifth quarter. The chances of landing on a job that offers fringe benefits such as health insurance and benefits became higher. In addition, the services also brought improvement to quarterly income by about 17% or $600. Availing this type of services is cheap, which means that the benefits of these services clearly outweigh the costs.

The training that is being sponsored by the programs were seen not to have an effect on income or employment rate as compared to the other WIA services. However, more data is still needed to verify this finding, since during the time of data collection more than 1/3 of the employees were still on the process of completing the training or have just finished doing it.

American Job Centers Continue to Help Improve Lives

The program has proven to be quite helpful to the American workforce all over the country. The assessment was done through random assignment of customers, which means that the results of the report are highly credible. This only means that employees now have better access to companies that provide great fringe benefits.

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