Employment Benefits Administration for Trade Associations

Working with ARCHER JORDAN has Concrete Benefits for Trade Associations.

ARCHER JORDAN has decades of experience in designing and delivering employment benefits, brokerage, financial services, technology, and Third Party Administration solutions. We work to make our fringe benefits solutions competitive, collaborative, and valuable for our customers, including trade associations.

We partner with trade associations for effective and compliant fringe benefits management. Our tailored fringe benefit programs are made to ensure that from recruitment and selection, to skills training and development, we can add value to your company.

Employment benefits solutions for trade associations

Here at ARCHER JORDAN, we invest 100% of our efforts, from our best ideas and insights, to make every business process more profitable and more convenient for you. This includes consulting on:

  • Competitive member recruitment

We crunch the numbers and design plans that make the value of trade associations evident. ARCHER JORDAN helps in showing how much members can save versus how much the trade association dues cost.

  • Training and development of the association

We add value by helping in human resource development within the trade association. Through specialized seminars and online courses, we help develop skills that can ultimately lead to more savings and more profit for the chapter. We also help in the development of thought leadership in processes like decision-making.

  • Build your brand

We help build your brand and increase your reach through strategic marketing, such as sponsorship for events and advertising. We also help in providing relevant content in articles for your newsletters, trade magazines, and publications.

  • Designing association plans

We are dedicated to ensuring that your members have the most suitable retirement and health benefit plans in the market.

We want to serve as an extension of your team, making everything from planning to execution more competitive and at the same time more convenient.

ARCHER JORDAN offers extensive employment benefits programs for trade associations

ARCHER JORDAN offers health and retirement benefit plans that are compliant with existing laws such as the Affordable Care Act. Our dynamic offers can help companies in designing employment benefit plans that fit the needs of their employees.

Along with ease in planning, we also add another level of convenience by helping your association members understand relevant concepts such as wage laws (Service Contract Act and Davis-Bacon Act, among others), retirement and health planning, and certified payroll. This is part of our collaborative effort to improve your trade association.

Another benefit to working with ARCHER JORDAN is getting better rates for health and retirement plans. Group plans allow members to pool their funds, which can lead to more competitive and cost-saving rates. Members can also expect better returns.

Lastly, our focus on fringe benefits administration, consultancy, and wage law compliance can allow your member firms to focus on their business instead. With this strategy, you can expect increased work productivity and profitability.

Need more information? Get in touch with our team to know more about our products and services. We can also design our employment packages for the benefit of trade associations. Call us for details!

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