What is Major Medical Insurance?

Major medical insurance is the most ideal health insurance for hourly employees and prevailing wage contractors.

It is a known fact that medical bills and expenses are extreme costly. Without the help of a good health insurance coverage, many will be left with the choice of not seeking medical help or accumulating a huge amount of debt. Major Medical Insurance is a kind of health insurance that covers the costs associated with hospitalization, basic medical care, and other health necessities. Historically, this has been a comprehensive plan that gives its beneficiaries access to the most basic and important health care services available.

What are the Advantages of having Major Medical Insurance?

What makes major medical insurance different from other kinds of insurance policies when it comes to healthcare? The answer is quite simple. Major medical insurance is basically a health insurance that covers the most common needs of its beneficiaries. It covers:

  • checkups and preventive care with your doctor,
  • hospitalization,
  • nursing home care,
  • outpatient services,
  • initial purchase of prosthetic devices,
  • medication,
  • maternity issues,
  • emergency services care,
  • mental healthcare, and
  • necessary lab works for patients, among others.

Unlike other kinds of narrow and limited health insurance policies, this kind of health coverage is comprehensive and highly responsive to the minimum essential coverage needed by most Americans. Since there are several health insurance plans and policies available today, it is strongly advised that employees be enrolled under health coverage policies that are tailor-fit to their needs and financial capabilities.  

Major Medical Insurance under the Affordable Care Act

Under the terms of the Affordable Care Act, people are expected to pay fines if they do not have minimum essential coverage for the major medical insurance. To avoid these penalties, employees must have a plan that meets the minimum essential coverage. If you are not familiar with any of these plans, it is advisable for you to research more on the plans that fall under the minimum essential coverage plans of ACA.

Know More about Major Medical Insurance with ARCHER JORDAN!

Employers need to know and understand the different major medical insurance options available at the market right today. It isn’t wise to just subscribe to any health insurance policy, as it might not fulfill the requirements needed by workers in order to qualify as a minimum essential coverage policy.

To get the best kind of healthcare coverage and avoid hefty fines and penalties, it would be smart to seek the help of specialists with years of experience in providing bona fide fringe benefits administration for companies and employees from all over the country. To learn more about the specifics of the major medical insurance, call ARCHER JORDAN at +1 888-745-0754 today!

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