Tips for Becoming a Small Business Government Contractor of Choice

Best Government Contracting Tips for Small Businesses

Entering the government contracting business is not easy when you are a small business government contractor. Although there are contracts set aside for small businesses, winning contracts with the federal government is not a sure thing for small time prevailing wage contractors. In order to be considered as the best choice for a small business government contractor, you need to be able to convince the government contracting agency that you are a reliable business partner.

How Small Businesses Can Excel in Government Contracting

Small business prevailing wage contractors have several options if they want to excel in the field of government contracting. Here are some tips for becoming a small business government contractor of choice: 

  • Collaborate with other small business government contractors in government contracting projects.

Usually, contracts set aside for small business government contractors are too big for one government contracting company to handle. You would have a greater chance of winning a contract if you collaborate with other small business government contractors in a single set aside project.

An example of this would be a marketing agency teaming up with an IT company in order to deliver services requiring web development and content management. By doing so, you can have the chance to build you credibility as a small business not just to the government, but to other government contracting businesses as well.  

  • Perform well on government contracts.

The best way to excel in government contracting as a small business is to have a solid reputation as a reliable government contracting business partner. You need to show the government that you deliver your services on time, you provide reliable goods, and you always stay within the budget range given. In short, you must have a solid reputation as a small business government contractor. That could only be accomplished through experience and hard work.  

  • Show that your company embodies the value of the government.

Since you are going to be working for the public sector, you have to prove to the government that hiring you would not be a waste of taxpayers’ money.  Always align your goals towards public service, efficiency, and productivity. This can be shown through your performance as a company.

If you have a reputation for following through on your promises for public works projects, then the government would more likely pick you to be the small business government contracting partner for the project. You also need to follow the laws that govern the field of government contracting, like paying the prevailing wage and providing appropriate fringe benefits to prevailing wage workers.

  • Take mentoring opportunities seriously.

Small business owners, especially ones without a lot of experience in government contracting, need to find a way to get insight in the world of government contracting before formally diving into the field. This can be done with the help of mentoring.

You can connect with several people through networking events, and you can also enter into mentoring programs and organizations. Some of these include SCORE, ChallengeHer, and SBA8(a) Program.

  • Acquire certifications for your company.

According to the regulations set by the US Small Business Administration, small businesses that want to enter into government contracting need to be certified in order to be considered for a project. As a small business government contractor, try getting certifications from SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program, SBA’s HUBZone Program, the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Program, and/or the Women-Owned Small Businesses program.

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