Who Issues Bids in Government Contracting?

As a local company interested in getting into government contracting and doing business with the government, you may have apprehensions before deciding whether this is the right path where he intends his business to go. It is for this reason that we briefly discuss who issues bids. Let this article guide potential government contractors who are preparing for the bidding process.

Government Contracting and Prevailing Wages

In a government contracting set up, local governments require companies to pay prevailing wages and provide fringe benefits to workers and laborers. Following the guidelines set in the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931, it means that the government should use its buying power to enhance the welfare of the workers.

Some studies show that prevailing wages have benefits to society. It can protect a state’s economy when income losses lead to reduced consumer spending. Furthermore, other studies show that prevailing wage discourage contractors from hiring low-skilled laborers or cheating on payroll taxes.

Who Can Pursue Government Contracts?

In a nut shell, government contracting process is not only meant for a large scale organization or its charter. Even a local business with meager funds and small staff size depend upon bids and vendors to be able to conduct their business and achieve their goals.

Bidding and procurement process factors include allocation of funds involved in the business, headcount or visibility. However, treatment and handling of the process remains the same; it all begins with identifying who issues bids. 

  • Federal Government Contracts

From the largest federal agency who is seeking for a multi-million dollar IT equipment to a small post office seeking bids for landscaping work, federal government contracts are available for everyone. Regardless of the size of the business, federal government contracts are the nation’s largest customers. Some cities have a federal procurement office that can help guide you when bidding for government contracts.

  • Regional Government and Agencies

Bids issued by regional government and agencies run all the way to cities, counties, parishes and townships. They are sought out by companies targeting regional government business opportunities such as water district seeking to bid for equipment or a local school district out to bid for copy paper. 

ARCHER JORDAN Partners with Government Contractors

There are rules and regulations along with policies to adhere to when you go through the process of bidding for a government contract. The first step is to acquire as much knowledge as you can with the resources available to you so you can decide when it is time to apply for a bid.

Let ARCHER JORDAN be your guide. We are one of the fastest growing fringe benefit experts company in the country today. We can help take care of your compliance with prevailing wage laws while you bid for government contracts.

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