What Delaware Government Contractors Should Know

The state of Delaware has its own Prevailing Wage Law which ensures that prevailing wage workers for public works projects are compensated properly. Prevailing wage rates are applicable for new construction projects in Delaware that has a total cost of more than $100,000, and any alteration, repair, renovation, rehabilitation, demolition, or reconstruction that has a total cost of $15,000.

Delaware’s Prevailing Wage Determination

The Prevailing Wage Determination for Delaware is published by the state’s Department of Labor every year, on or before March 15. The schedule of prevailing wage rates for all job or trade classifications are valid for one year, or until subsequent rates or amendments are issued.

The Delaware Department of Labor conducts surveys from which the prevailing wage rates for the state are determined. The prevailing wage rate is composed of an hourly basic rate and a fringe benefit rate. There are no different wage rates per job classification for overtime, weekend, and holiday work incurred.

The fringe benefits recognized by the Delaware Department of Labor are health benefits, welfare, retirement, vacation, holiday, sick leave pay, and apprenticeship programs.

Responsibilities of a Prevailing Wage Contractor in Delaware

Contractors bidding for public works projects that cost more than $50,000 must be licensed. When awarded with a public construction project, the contractor is obliged to pay the prevailing wage rates as prescribed in the contract. A contractor that knowingly fails to pay the prescribed prevailing wage rates or fails to submit payroll records is subject to a civil penalty from $1,000 to $5,000 for each violation. The wage rates applied in a project must also be posted in the construction site, else you will be penalized.

Delaware debars government contractors for violations of the prevailing wage law. A contractor cannot join a bidding, or be awarded with any public works project, 3 years from when judgement was passed.

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