Kentucky Prevailing Wage

What Kentucky Government Contractors Should Know

The Division of Employment Standards, Apprenticeship and Mediation is in charge of determining the prevailing wage rates used in the state of Kentucky.

Determination of Kentucky Prevailing Wage Rates

The commissioner of Kentucky may conduct hearings or use the prevailing wage rate established by the Department of Labor in localities where the Davis Bacon Act is being implemented. The rate set in both scenarios is dependent on the available evidence and prevailing practice that is applicable to the classification of the job.

If you are not sure of the correct schedule of prevailing wage rates, you can check the website of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet. You should also check the bid documents of the project you will be working on. This should also contain the prevailing wage rates to be used.

Responsibilities of Kentucky Prevailing Wage Contractors under the Davis Bacon Act

  • The prevailing wage contractor must submit certified payroll reports using the WH-347 form, or any other document that contains the same information.
  • Contributions to individual fringe benefit plans that are done by the employer should be remitted based on the adoption agreement of the personal plan of the prevailing wage worker.
  • A Fringe Benefit Statement can be submitted by the prevailing wage contractor once a project starts, or if there are modifications in the contribution in order to report the rates of contributions used for the employee’s plan.

Compliance of Prevailing Wage Contractors

The prevailing wage contractor should allow the commissioner or any authorized representatives to make an enquiry on an employee at the site of work regarding the prevailing wage being paid to them. Those who violate the Davis Bacon Act may make the prevailing wage contractor ineligible to participate in bidding for public works until they comply with the requirements.

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Prevailing wage contractors must exert their best efforts to be compliant with the Davis Bacon Act. Failing to do so will only lead to bigger expenses, and might even ruin their chances of getting other public projects in the future.

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