Possible Repeal of ACA Prompts NY Government to Issue Emergency Rules

NY Government Contractors, Be Informed

As the current administration is working to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), New York government was prompted to issue emergency rules for health insurers. NY emergency rules would require medical coverage for employee benefits currently provided under federal law.

The Department of Financial Services (DFS) wrote emergency rules pertaining to public healthcare benefits and general welfare in the event that Congress repeals and replace the ACA.

Safeguarding Health Benefits

Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo issued emergency rules for any private health insurance company to guarantee 10 “essential healthcare benefits,” following President Obama’s 2010 health law. He claims that the NY government was prompted to do this move alongside the belief that the repeal of ACA will result to millions of New York workers losing health coverage.

A set of 10 healthcare benefits under ACA includes:

  • emergency services,
  • inpatient and outpatient hospital care,
  • laboratory services,
  • prescription drug coverage,
  • pregnancy and newborn care,
  • mental health services,
  • dental and vision coverage for children (optional for adults),
  • chronic disease management,
  • and rehabilitative services and devices (to help injured or disabled patients to recover physical and mental skills).

Most of NY healthcare insurers claim that the context of the emergency rules is already covered under NY state law. Despite the claim, Gov. Cuomo ordered the state’s Department of Health (DOH) to ban any health insurer that withdraws from health insurance exchanges from participating in Medicaid or Child Health Plus. The directives aim to keep them health insurers from leaving NY’s health insurance market.            

Guaranteed Access to Quality Healthcare Benefits

New Yorker employees are guaranteed that they will continue to have access to the quality healthcare benefits they deserve. DFS was directed to prevent discrimination against gender, age or pre-existing conditions.

ARCHER JORDAN Keeps You Informed of Healthcare Laws

With all the latest issues happening in New York, ARCHER JORDAN will keep you abreast with up-to-date information on ACA. We will keep you informed as to how it impacts your company, what’s in it for you as a contractor and changes on employee healthcare benefits coverage as they happen.

ARCHER JORDAN ensures that you are in the know especially with state-specific emergency rules that are being imposed statewide. At ARCHER JORDAN, we ensure that no rule will be missed. Keeping you informed is the key. Call us today.

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