Oklahoma Prevailing Wage

Things to Know if you are Government Contracting in Oklahoma

Oklahoma does not currently have any state specific prevailing wage requirements. However, any public works project within the state is managed following the requirements of the Davis-Bacon and Related Act (DBRA).

There may be some cities and counties within the state that have imposed their own prevailing wage requirements. In this scenario, a local government entity is not prevented from imposing its own local prevailing wage requirements. It is always best to refer to the bid specifics to ensure that correct wage determination is followed.

Oklahoma Payroll and Paperwork

For all Oklahoma DBRA jobs, Certified Payroll Reports must be completed and submitted to the contracting agency on a weekly basis. Sub-contractors file their paperwork with the General Contractor of the job who in turn, forwards all paperwork to the contracting agency. On this note, it is important to check with the contracting agency whether they require any additional paperwork before filing is done.

Prevailing Wage and Special Determination in Oklahoma

Wage decisions in Oklahoma are determined by the federal government’s Department of Labor (DOL). Oklahoma prevailing wage rates are good for the life of the Davis-Bacon project. It does not have pre-determined increases. It is for this reason that special determination can be requested on a per project basis. It is provided to contractors by the contracting agency and holds prevailing wage rate specific to the DBRA project.

The contracting agency files special prevailing wage determination requests for DBRA projects in Oklahoma. It is requested from the federal wage and hour division. A conformance procedure about enforceable wage and fringe benefits for unlisted trade classifications is contained in the DBRA provisions. The contracting agency then ensures enforcement and DBRA compliance.

Under DBRA, a contractor must pay no less than rates listed in the Davis-Bacon wage decision while waiting for the special prevailing wage determination. In the event that a lower wage was paid than what was decided, payroll must be adjusted once the Oklahoma special prevailing wage determination is set. It is required for determination to be contained within the bid documents.

ARCHER JORDAN’s Commitment to Oklahoma Government Contractors

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