Prevailing Wage Workers Can Derive Benefits from Self-Service Software

How does a Self Service Software Help Government Contractors?

Software designers have felt the need to reduce the administrative load experienced by HR employees. This led to the introduction of self-service software for fringe benefits and other employee benefits administration. Technology can now help prevailing wage workers search for information and accomplish tasks related to employee benefits, insurance and many more on their own.

How Can Prevailing Wage Workers Maximize their Use of Self-Service Software?

A survey conducted by and Paycom Software Inc. indicates that approximately 70% of the respondents use self-service software to do the following tasks:

  • Access payroll information
  • Maintain contact information
  • Enrollment for fringe benefits
  • Monitoring time
  • Applying for time off
  • Completing training and performance reviews
  • Reporting expenses
  • Providing e-signature for forms
  • Answering surveys
  • Setting schedules

Benefits of Self-Service Software for Prevailing Wage Workers are not yet Fully Maximized

Despite the rapid growth of technology, the survey reports that there are still a lot of prevailing wage workers that perform tasks related to employee benefits manually or via email. These tasks include filling up of I-9 forms and other onboarding forms, accessing direct deposit information, completion of W-4, job applications, and enrollment for employee benefits.

Moreover, almost 30% of the organizations who have a self-service software have HR employees that fill up the information for the prevailing wage workers. Respondents of the survey explain that accuracy of information and lack of training for the use of the self-service software are the main reasons why the prevailing wage workers are not yet permitted to enter their own information.

Moving Forward

The authors of the survey suggest putting more attention to finding ways on how to help prevailing wage workers become more adept in using self-service software. While the user is accountable for accuracy, the system can still be improved to make it easy for the user to be more accurate.

ARCHER JORDAN Can Help You Develop a Self-Service Software

ARCHER JORDAN is a third party fringe benefits administrator for prevailing wage workers and hourly hires. Our team has technology geeks who can develop a self-service software that would work perfectly for you.

If you want to know more about self-service software that you can use, you can consult our team and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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