Prevailing Wage Workers’ Healthcare Still Up in the Air

The fate of the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will affect everyone, especially government contractors and their prevailing wage workers who rely on healthcare benefits. However, a lack of consensus and support among GOP Senators leave the decisions up in the air. As such, GOP Senators are looking at a Plan B for the Better Care Reconciliation Act.

What will the Plan B to ACA look like?

There are current plans to write a new replacement bill for the ACA given the lack of Republican support for the current repeal and replacement efforts. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell mentioned that, in the event that there will be no agreement among the GOP Senators, there will instead be some kind of action that will be taken to address the private healthcare benefits and insurance market.

Though there are no clear drafts of the Plan B yet, the smaller bill will aim to curb premiums that are currently being paid under the ACA. Possible provisions under the bill might include continuing federal payments to insurers, which will help them maintain costs for low earners. These payments will also encourage healthy people to buy policies as well.

However, discussions on this future Plan B might go the same way as the current repeal and replacement efforts, which failed to garner enough support. Reports from the Congressional Budget Office claim that tens of millions of American citizens would be left without insurance as an effect of the replacement bill. This and other conflicting interests would make it difficult for the narrow Republican Senate majority to pass the bill.

A Bipartisan Approach to ACA Repeal

An alternative option to creating a new GOP replacement bill is to attempt a bipartisan approach to the ACA repeal. A bipartisan measure to fix the ACA can ideally be worked on by both sides of the Senate. Both parties can agree that there are different stakeholders to the issue that should be considered, such as people who are harmed by the ACA, and people who need to continue receiving the benefits they received under the ACA.

An approach together with the Democrats can sidestep the issue of disagreements among GOP Senators, and hopefully bring a resolution to the laws regarding healthcare benefits.

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The progression of the ACA repeal and replacement is a big concern for government contractors and hourly hires. Aside from the Service Contract Act and the Davis-Bacon Act and related laws, provisions from the ACA also influence the way federal contractors pay and provide fringe benefits (such as healthcare benefits) to their prevailing wage workers. It is therefore important to keep track of the current regulations and laws in order to fulfill obligations and to avoid penalties.

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