Successful Healthcare Employee Benefits for Prevailing Wage Workers

Do Your Prevailing Wage Workers Receive Adequate Healthcare Benefits?

Healthcare employee benefits are essential to improve productivity, talent acquisition, and retention of prevailing wage workers. Healthcare doesn’t just mean giving compensation that will help alleviate medical costs. A culture that prioritizes the physical, mental, and financial health of prevailing wage workers should also be fostered.

Make sure that you have done the following steps below to ensure that the healthcare employee benefits you implement in the office will be effective.

1.      Healthcare programs should be customized according to what the prevailing wage workers want

The Harvard Business Review conducted a research study that reviews the effectiveness of wellness programs in the workplace. It was seen that prevailing wage workers feel a sense of ownership by participating in customized programs. This is due to the fact that the workers can help in shaping the program by giving suggestions on the type and timing of activities to be included in the program.

2.      Make the most out of the feedback given by prevailing wage workers

A lot of studies recommend that employers should foster a culture of keeping one’s promises. Giving feedback should be highly encouraged and valued by the company, even if it compels them to conduct yoga classes in the evening or distribute fresh fruits as part of their healthcare employee benefits. If the request can’t be granted, it is essential to end the loop by giving insights and offer an alternative. Being able to respond to small requests even if the work environment is fast-paced will build trust among the prevailing wage workers.

3.      Offer several avenues to promote healthcare and well-being in the workplace

Not all prevailing wage workers would want to sign up for yoga classes. While it is beneficial to organize healthcare programs, prevailing wage workers shouldn’t be forced to sign up to participate, especially if they already have a lot on their plate. You can send out weekly healthcare facts, recommended diet, and calls to action through email as an alternative.

ARCHER JORDAN Can Help You Formulate Effective Healthcare Employee Benefits

Giving proper employee benefits will reap great rewards for the company. If you are having second thoughts on a particular healthcare program to be implemented in the office, it is highly recommended that you consult a professional.

ARCHER JORDAN specializes in providing employee benefits to prevailing wage workers and hourly hires. Call us today and let’s discuss how we can help improve your employees’ welfare.

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