Arizona Prevailing Wage

Information about Government Contracting in Arizona

Prevailing wage laws and regulations vary per state. Prevailing wage contractors are expected to abide by the guidelines set forth in state laws whether the state has its own prevailing wage law or follows the Davis-Bacon Act or the Davis Bacon and Related Acts.

The state of Arizona follows the Davis- Bacon Act as it does not have its own prevailing wage law. Conformance to the Davis-Bacon Act provisions means enforcing the wage and benefits mandated by law.

This article aims to highlight some of the most important information about Arizona’s prevailing wage rules to Arizona government contractors comply and avoid penalties.

Arizona Filing Requirements

For any prevailing wage work done in Arizona, Certified Payroll Reports must be completed and sent on a weekly basis. Sub-contractors must submit complete documents to the general contractor.

In turn, all general contractors must be able to submit all required paperwork to the contracting agency.

Apprenticeship Regulation

There is no state-mandated apprenticeship regulation in the state of Arizona. Neither is there any requirement to request apprentices nor a general training fund. Under these conditions, Arizona Davis-Bacon Apprenticeship wages are set by the specific apprenticeship committee.

As a prevailing wage contractor, you must follow the committee’s regulation along with a contribution to their training fund – including Davis-Bacon projects.

Special Prevailing Wage Determinations

Special Prevailing Wage Determinations are requested by the Contracting Officer or Agency prior to bid. Prevailing wage contractors must refer to the bid specifics to ensure that accurate and up to date wage determination for the prevailing wage job is followed. On a Davis-Bacon project, prevailing wage contractors must pay no less than the minimum hourly wage of $10.20 and benefits listed on the wage decision for the lowest trade that resembles the trade in question. 

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