Nevada Prevailing Wage

Information about Government Contracting in Nevada

Prevailing wage provisions are established for each county in Nevada. The Labor Commissioner conducts an annual survey of prevailing wage contractors who worked in a county. Sources of wage information can be derived from contracts determined by the federal government officials or determined through a collective bargaining process and information provided by state agencies. A public works project must exceed $250,000 in order for prevailing wage regulations to apply.

What is the Failure to Pay Rule?

In Nevada, failing to pay the prevailing wage means the offender may be required to pay the difference between the prevailing wage and the actual wage paid. Aside from wage payment, there is an administrative fine to cover investigation cost that the offender may be accounted for as well. 

Rate Increases and Overtime

Once rates are published every October 1 annually, all increases or decreases may only happen when an amendment is made. A possible reason to amend the rate is a clerical error made on the part of the Nevada State Labor Commissioner.

On the other hand, work exceeding 40 hours per week must be paid at an overtime rate of one and one-half times. It is important to note that Nevada’s prevailing wage law does not include overtime rates per trade. This is why it is alright to work 10 hours per day for four calendar days if there is a mutual agreement between a contractor and worker. As for work during weekends or legal holidays, no different rates per trade classification apply.

What are regarded as Fringe Benefits Under the Nevada Prevailing Wage Law?

Some of the fringe benefits allotted to prevailing wage workers include pension, health and welfare benefit, vacation pay, holiday pay and the cost of apprenticeship training. Pension, insurance, and other rates determined by the contractor may vary depending on trade classification.

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