How Voters and Employers Feel About the Current Healthcare Situation

Are Prevailing Wage Workers Affected with the Current Healthcare Situation?

The healthcare system in America has been undergoing dramatic changes over the last few years, and along with these changes are shifts in public opinion and attitudes. Both voters and employers have strong opinions on the current healthcare situation, from medical insurance to provision of healthcare. As someone working with the government, it’s important to keep track of these changes and how they affect policy.

Currently, more than 1/3 of Americans surveyed express confidence in the healthcare system, though this confidence is dependent on political parties. The exact breakdown of opinions along political parties are different from those twenty years ago, or even three years ago.

Twenty years before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Republicans as well as right-leaning Independents were more confident than Democrats when it comes to healthcare provision, medical insurance and the health system as a whole. When the ACA passed into effect in 2014, more Democrats expressed confidence in the system. Now, as the ACA replacement is being debated on, Democrats are still more confident than Republicans according to a gallup poll citing 40% of Democrats compared to 33% of Republicans.

The current attitudes of individual voters and employers also differ. 

Thoughts of Voters on the ACA, Healthcare Insurance and System

Among American voters surveyed, it was reported that 90% of Democrats support the ACA, while only 19% of Republicans support the Obama-headed law. A recent poll regarding the repeal of the ACA reports that 67% of Republicans want the GOP to continue working to repeal and replace the ACA.

Some 21% of the demographic want the GOP leaders to move on from the issue. Of the 67% supporting current efforts, half are willing and supportive of the party compromising with Democrats to reach healthcare reform. 

On the other hand, 40% of the general public also want the government to continue working on a new health bill. These are the current attitudes while the senate is currently struggling to find an alternative to the ACA that will get stronger approval from both the senate members and the national polls.

Thoughts of Employers on the ACA, Healthcare Insurance and System

Industry representatives, including those providing healthcare benefits to their prevailing wage or part-time workers, were also recently surveyed on their thoughts and feelings regarding health reform. It was found that 71% of respondents don’t want the ACA completely repealed. This is likely because of a logistical and operational concern regarding the system-wide changes that would be required following a major reform.

It was also found that if the ACA is successfully repealed and replaced, employers would most likely still continue providing some form of medical insurance to their employees. A small percent, on the other hand, admitted that they will discontinue medical insurance or coverage due to the high price of healthcare.

There were also mixed opinions on specific provisions of the ACA, such as the tax-favored status of employer-provided health coverage, and the excise tax on high-cost healthcare plans.

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