Government Contracting Tips: Winning More Contracts before the Year Ends

How to Win More Federal Contracts in 2017

The funding for government contracts is about to disappear on October 1, which is why federal agencies are scrambling to spend every last dollar. If you own a business who can benefit from government contracting, take note of these helpful tips.

1.      Win government contracts with your current network.

When the fiscal year is about to end, the most practical place to search opportunities for government contracting is with agencies that you have worked with in the past.

Get in touch with them to check if they have any needs by the end of the year that prevailing wage contractors can fulfill. Having a good working relationship with agencies will boost your chances of being selected for government contracts.

2.      Make yourself stand out from other prevailing wage contractors

Before venturing into government contracting, you should make sure that your business has been registered at SAM. Small businesses should enhance their capabilities using other databases such as Dynamic Small Business Search.

Ensure that the correct NAICs codes and certifications of your business are included in your profile. Government contracting officers usually use these databases to look for certain types of businesses.

3.      Team up with other prevailing wage contractors

Teaming partners are beneficial since they can strengthen your bid for a government contract and enhance your business credibility with the agencies. Having partners will also supplement your existing capabilities in order to widen the government contracts that you are qualified to handle.

4.      Improve your marketing materials

Marketing materials for government contracting opportunities should be clear and concise so that they will easily get an idea of what your business is about. You should also try participating in events that will allow you to create relationships and learn more about procurement. If you have extra budget, you can also try creating an account at the LinkedIn that directly targets buyers.

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