What’s next for Congress after the ACA Repeal Fail?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has changed the healthcare landscape of the country for several years. It served as a foundation for several regulations and redistribution of funds in the healthcare system.

The ACA changed the expectations of Americans from their government which is why the Republicans had a hard time in peeling it back. Now that its latest attempt to do so has failed, what other aspects of the healthcare system should our lawmakers focus on?

1.      Extending cost-sharing reduction payments of the ACA

Even though the Affordable Care Act has achieved its goal of reducing the percentage of Americans who do not enjoy healthcare benefits and expanding the healthcare coverage provided by insurers, it has not yet succeeded in controlling the rise of healthcare costs.

The Congress should commit to the extension of cost-sharing reduction payments. This provides reimbursements to insurers in exchange for lower deductibles and copayments for those who get healthcare benefits from the ACA.

2.      Remove the healthcare insurance tax of the Affordable Care Act

Another aspect of the ACA that the Congress can focus on is the health insurance tax. According to many insurance companies, the tax makes the premiums more expensive. There is a moratorium on the tax at present, but it will take effect again in January.

3.      Bring back the reinsurance program

A reinsurance program will protect non-group, private insurers that will allow them to pay very high claims from their enrollees. This will help them stay in business. This was once part of the ACA for the first three years. If this was made permanent, prices of premiums will decrease and insurers will be encouraged to participate.

4.      Look for a way to reduce premiums for young and healthy Americans

There is a widespread notion that if the younger and healthier people will sign up for healthcare benefits, then the premiums will decrease. The Congress may permit insurers to charge older people higher premiums or they can enhance the younger people’s tax credits.

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