Maine Prevailing Wage

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What Law Governs Government Contractors in Maine?

The state of Maine has its own state prevailing wage laws that govern state and government funded prevailing wage projects. The prevailing wage rate mandated by the law includes an hourly base rate plus fringe benefits.

Threshold Requirement for Prevailing Wage Projects in Maine

The state’s prevailing wage laws apply to public works projects that have a total cost of $50,000. The project must be funded by the state of Maine.

Determination of Prevailing Wage Rates in Maine

The prevailing wage rates in Maine are determined through an annual survey conducted by the state’s Bureau of Labor Standards. It is a survey of wages and benefits paid to construction-related trades and occupations across the state, performed every third week of September. The rates are determined for four different categories of construction. These are:

1.     Building 1 – one or two family homes

2.     Building 2 – other than one or two family homes

3.     Highway and Earthwork

4.     Heavy and Bridge

The survey determines if there will be changes in the rates for a particular job classification.

Overtime pay must be given for the hours worked in excess of forty hours per week. There is no requirement under Maine’s prevailing wage law to pay different rates for work hours incurred on a weekend or a legal holiday.

Fringe Benefits Requirement for Prevailing Wage Projects in Maine

On top of the basic hourly rate, the law mandates that the prevailing wage rate must include fringe benefits. The benefits can include health and welfare contributions, pension or individual retirement plans, vacation and annuity contributions, per diem in lieu of wages and any other form of payment.

Required Contractor Licenses for Prevailing Wage Projects in Maine

Generally, building contractors are not required to obtain any license in Maine. However, a license must be obtained for the following trades or occupations:

1.     Asbestos abatement work

2.     Electrician

3.     Plumber

4.     Oil/Fuel Burner Servicer/Installer

5.     Propane/Natural Gase Service/Installer

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