Top 5 States with the Best Healthcare Benefits

Find Out What Makes Healthcare More Ideal in These States That Others

Healthcare is an important component of every government system. The main goal must be to provide equal medical coverage for all. However, in the U.S., healthcare service is not uniform and varies from state to state.

To provide good healthcare system for everyone must be the top priority of each state. Read on to know which states in the U.S have the best healthcare benefits.

5 U.S States with the Best Healthcare

1.    Hawaii

Hawaii ranks as the state with the best healthcare for many reasons. First, Hawaii requires all employers to provide healthcare benefits to their employees. The state also ranks first in terms of the highest quality medical service and the widest coverage.

Consequently, Hawaiians live longer and fewer of them die from non-communicable diseases such as cancer. Hawaii also has the lowest rate of uninsured citizens which comprises 8% of the population.

2.    Iowa

As the second state to have the best healthcare, Iowa has some of the best services a state has to offer. They have the most number of hospital bed per capita and the 6th highest state with insured adults. They also ranked 2nd as the state with the lowest infant mortality rate.

3.    Minnesota

Minnesota ranked third as the state with the best healthcare- being the top state in providing medical care in clinics, no 3 in highest acceptance rates for Medicare physicians and fifth highest state with the most insured adults.

4.    New Hampshire

New Hampshire ranked fourth in terms of the ease of access to healthcare. It was ranked first as the state with the lowest mortality rate. The health plans of New Hampshire also evolve faster than the other states and prides on the transparency of their health costs.

5.    District of Columbia

District of Columbia is one of the U.S states with the lowest health insurance costs. They have the most number of physicians available per capita and ranked second with the most number of insured adult

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