Rhode Island Prevailing Wage

Quick Guide for RI Prevailing Wage Contractors

Prevailing wage refers to the per hour wage government contractors pay to employees working on public works and construction projects. The state of Rhode Island has its own prevailing wage laws that govern the state’s prevailing wage projects and contracts. The Rhode Island prevailing wage requirement is that the prevailing rates of pay to be paid to workers, craftsmen, mechanic, laborer, and other types of job classifications.

If you are a prevailing wage contractor working on a construction project in Rhode Island, or is planning to bid on one, arm yourself with sufficient knowledge.

Read on below to know more about Rhode Island prevailing wage laws.

Public Works Projects Threshold Requirement

The Rhode Island General Law 37-13 mandates that construction projects exceeding $1,000 must comply with the prevailing wage requirements. This can include any work consisting of grading, cleaning, demolition, improvement, completion, repair, alteration or construction of any public road, bridge or any heavy construction and public works.

Prevailing Wage Rates Determination in Rhode Island

The Davis-Bacon rates are followed for prevailing wage projects in Rhode Island. The rates are updated accordingly every July 1, according to the Davis-Bacon rates. However, the wage rates may also change many times within a year. The rates can be obtained online at www.wdol.gov/dba.aspx.

Responsibilities of a Prevailing Wage Contractor in Rhode Island

Prevailing wage contractors working on public works projects in Rhode Island must be able to perform the following state mandated duties:

1.     Use certified weekly payroll forms.

2.     Post the prevailing wage rates used on the project in conspicuous places in the project site.

3.     Keep accurate wage records that include the name, occupation, and actual wages paid to each worker.

Noncompliance to the stated duties above is subject to specific penalties, depending on the violation committed.

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