How SDVOSB Owners Can Navigate through the Veteran Entrepreneur Portal

SDVOSB Owners Should be Familiar with this Portal

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business owners are slowly making their mark in government contracting. Owners should take advantage of the Veteran Entrepreneur Portal which makes federal services more accessible. It is also a helpful guide to best practices used in every step of entrepreneurship.

Here are some useful features of the portal that you might want to explore:

1.    Start an SDVOSB

This page is an interactive tool that provides connection to resources that match with your business objective.

2.    Access Financing for SDVOSB

This page is a customized wizard that helps you find sources of funds to strengthen the creation, development, and growth of your service disabled veteran owned small business.

3.    Grow your SDVOSB

Learn how to effectively expand your business in this page. It is jam-packed with substantial information on how you can grow your business.

4.    Find government contracting opportunities

Is it your first time to venture into government contracting? This section will help you familiarize yourself with different programs. You can also answer some quick questions that will identify government contracting opportunities aligned with your SDVOSB.

5.    Veterans First Verification Program

This program makes sure that the available funds are given to qualified SDVOSB. One of the requirements you need to fulfill in order to perform government contracting is to have your business verified first in accordance with the tenets of the Code of Federal Regulations.

6.    Direct Access Program for SDVOSB

This program provides special opportunities for an SDVOSB to establish partnerships, expand networking and access Procurement Decision Makers through the use of Direct Access Events.

7.    Training and Employment Programs for SDVOSB

To help in the transition of Veterans from military service to civilian employment, mentoring programs that will help them run their business or enhance their skills are conducted. It is also provides veterans an overview of the career path they can take after serving in the military.

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