Wyoming Prevailing Wage

Information for Government Contractors

Wyoming came up with its own prevailing wage act in 1967 (WPWA) to determine workers’ rates on state contracted construction projects. Prevailing wage rates were established for each trade classification. The rate comprised of the base wage rate plus the fringe benefit paid on behalf of workers engaged in similar trade.

Prevailing wage contractors must be equipped with proper knowledge about WPWA before engaging in any public works project in Wyoming. This way, no aspect of the state law will be missed.

To be perfectly guided during project execution, it is recommended that the contractor post both the Davis-Bacon Poster and the Wage Decision at the project site where it is easily visible to the workers.

Contractor Licenses

In Wyoming, the Labor Standards Division (LSD) does not issue contractor licenses. Instead, contractors are licensed at the city or county level except for electrical work. Resident contractors can apply for certification to receive a five percent bid preference on public works construction projects. As for threshold, the WPWA applies to construction projects estimated to cost $100,000 or more and the new threshold amount is $100,000.

What You Need to Know about Overtime, Weekend, Holiday and Shift Rate

According to Wyoming state law, time and one-half overtime payment is required for all employed in any public works project from any county, city or town in excess of eight hours in a day, or 40 hours in one week.

No different wages per trade are set for work during weekend, legal holiday or different shifts in a day. Thus, the same overtime rate applies. If there were different rates stated in a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), then the CBA is enforceable.

Fringe Benefits of Prevailing Wage Contractors

In addition to the basic prevailing wage rate, here are fringe benefits that must be included in the worker’s benefits list:

  • Medical and dental payments or hospital care
  • Pensions on retirement or death
  • Disability benefits and life insurance
  • Vacation and holiday pay
  • Apprenticeship or other US Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training program
  • Annuity or other 401K plans

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