New Hampshire Prevailing Wage

Information for Government Contractors in NH

The state prevailing wage law in New Hampshire was repealed in 1985. Therefore, all federal-funded public works projects fall under the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA) and governed by the federal Department of Labor.

The New Hampshire prevailing wage decision contains rules that every government contractor needs to adhere to. On this note, it is a must to always refer to bid details to ensure that accurate prevailing wage rates are given to its workers based on class and trade.

In this article, important points related to wage determination, payroll report and apprenticeship were briefly discussed to serve as a summarized guide for prevailing wage contractors.

Special Prevailing Wage Determination

As a Davis-Bacon state, prevailing wage rates are in effect for the life of the project and do not have pre-determined increases. However, special determinations can be requested by the contracting agency from the federal Wage and Hour Division on a per project basis.

In so doing, the process may take at least 30 days. Since it is specific to a particular project, it can contain pre-determined increases. Contractors will be provided with special determination by the contracting agency.

DBRA Responsibility Preceding Special Determination

As a responsible contractor, you must pay no less than the listed prevailing wage and benefits on the wage decision for the lowest specialized trade that resembles the actual trade. Once your actual special determination becomes available, you must adjust payroll accordingly in case lower amount was paid.

Certified Payroll Reports (CPR)

In New Hampshire, completed CPR must be submitted on a weekly basis for all prevailing wage jobs. Sub-contractors must file their paperwork to the general contractor of the project who in turn forwards them to the contracting agency. Some projects may require obligatory paperwork aside from CPR. Thus, it is always recommended to verify all requirements with your contracting agency.

Apprenticeship Regulation on Davis-Bacon Projects

New Hampshire does not have a state mandated apprenticeship regulation. Instead, contractors must follow their apprenticeship committee’s regulations and contribute to their general training fund. The specific apprenticeship committee of the trade sets the Davis-Bacon apprenticeship wages which is not part of the wage decision.

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