Virginia Prevailing Wage

Information for VA Government Contractors

There were a handful U.S. states that do not currently have any state-specific prevailing wage requirements. One of them is Virginia. Even when that is the case, any jurisdiction in Virginia that receives federal funding for construction projects must ensure that those projects comply with the Davis-Bacon Act.

Prevailing wage contractors need to be fully informed regarding resources related to Davis-Bacon requirements. In this article, some of the most relevant aspects about preparing and handling a public works project will be briefly discussed for your reference.

Prevailing Wage Requirements

Although there were no state-specific prevailing wage requirements in Virginia, it does not prevent a local government entity from imposing its own local prevailing wage requirements. Thus, some cities and counties may have imposed their own prevailing wage requirements.

Filing Paperwork                        

Subcontractors will submit paperwork to a general contractor who, in turn, collates or combine all related paperwork. The general contractor will then submit all their paperwork to the contracting agency.

Filing Prevailing Wage

Certified Payroll Reports (CPR) for all prevailing wage jobs must be completed and submitted on a weekly basis. Some contracting agencies in Virginia may request for additional paperwork. Thus, it may always come in handy to verify any other requirements before having them submitted.

Apprentices for a Davis-Bacon Project

There are no state mandated apprenticeship rules, general training fund or requirement to request apprentices in Virginia. The contractor must follow rules from the specific apprenticeship committee as well as contribute to their training fund. It is important to note that Davis-Bacon Act apprenticeship wages are not part of the wage decision.

Davis-Bacon Wage Determination

For your Virginia prevailing wage job, you must always refer to the details stipulated in the bid to ensure that you are using the correct wage determination. Davis-Bacon Act rates are determined based on the hourly rate paid on public works projects to a majority of workers engaged in classification or trade within the locality.

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