Tips on How Prevailing Wage Workers can Stay Safe during a Hurricane

Safety Tips for Government Contractors and Hourly Employees

Hurricane Harvey brought destruction upon the homes of prevailing wage workers last week. As the flood waters begin to subside, thousands are struggling with the hard work of cleanup and recovery.

If you are also on the process of recovery, here are some tips from the Department of Labor on how you can stay safe.

1. Prevailing wage workers should avoid flood waters.

It is very hard to stay put in one area for a long time. However, you should not risk wading in the flood waters since dangerous debris may be present that can cut or puncture your skin. Flood waters may also be contaminated with substances and organisms that can make you sick. Keep out of flood waters unless it is absolutely needed.

2. Prevailing wage workers should stay away from electrical hazards.

Flood water may be located near electrical circuits or equipment. Make sure to shut down the power of the main breaker and fuse. Don’t go near any electrical equipment if the ground is wet. Always assume that fallen electrical lines are grounded. Always maintain a distance of 10 feet from them. Only experienced prevailing wage workers should attempt electrical repair.

3. Remove debris with caution.

Fallen trees and debris may conceal electrical lines. If you clean this up without any protective equipment then you might get electrocuted. Don’t use chainsaws or wood chippers if you don’t know how to use them properly. Always act with caution. Watch your step especially in slippery surfaces.

4. Ensure proper respiration and hydration.

Always be cautious when operating gasoline or diesel-powered machines. They release carbon monoxide, a deadly and odorless gas. Don’t operate them in confined spaces. Clean items thoroughly to remove mold that can cause respiratory illness and irritation. Don’t mix bleach with cleaning products that contain ammonia. Always drink water while doing your clean-up to avoid heat illness or stroke.

5. Stay away from wild animals.

Always use protective clothing and insect repellents if you are cleaning debris near animals that could bite or sting. Immediately seek medical attention if you got bitten by a wild animal. Only trained prevailing wage workers should try rescuing injured or stranded animals.

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