The Impact of Unwinding DACA to Human Resources

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Effect of DACA Abolishment to Prevailing Wage and Hourly Workers

The decision of President Trump to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program will have a huge impact on human resources. Around 800,000 workers came to the U.S. as children. Even though new applications for the program will not be accepted after September 5, a 6-month wind-down period will be followed. During this period, ongoing applications will be processed and the present DACA hourly workers can still renew their work permits. 

Human Resources Expect Negative Repercussion as DACA Ends

Denying work permits to prevailing wage workers who grew up and studied in the United States will greatly affect employers who depend on the worker’s skills and talents. Almost 700,000 of the 800,000 DACA recipients are legally employed. Reports published by immigrant advocacy groups indicate that around 30,400 hourly workers will see their work permits expire. This will exacerbate the existing labor shortage in the country.

Employers are at risk of facing discrimination charges especially in states that promote an employee-friendly environment – such as California – once they terminate prevailing wage workers.

Future Steps for Human Resources

Human resources professionals should keep in mind the following points as the program is about to end:

  • DACA prevailing wage workers will not be affected until the end of the 6 month wind-down period- March 5, 2018
  • New DACA applications will not be accepted. Applications submitted until September 5 will still be acknowledged and processed.
  • Current beneficiaries whose work permits will expire until March 5, 2018 will be given until October 5 to apply for renewal.

States are expected to Take Legal Action for DACA

The Attorney Generals from New York and Washington expressed their intention to file a lawsuit if the end of DACA pushes through. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman points out that the DACA hourly workers played by the rules. They paid taxes and has earned every right to stay in what they consider as home.

Protect DACA Prevailing Wage Workers with ARCHER JORDAN

As long as the 6 month wind-down period has not yet ended, prevailing wage workers are still entitled to the compensation that they get in their jobs. Our team of experts can help you ensure that your workers will be able to prepare financially no matter what the fate of the DACA will be. Consult with ARCHER JORDAN today!

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