Information for LA Government Contractors

Currently, Louisiana does not have its own state prevailing wage law. Louisiana repealed its own state Prevailing Wage Law in 1989. Thus, public works projects in the state are now governed by the Davis Bacon and Related Act, making Louisiana a Little Davis Bacon state. The prevailing wage rates are the minimum rates that you, the prevailing wage contractor, must pay your hourly workers.

Determination of Prevailing Wage Rates for Louisiana

The list of prevailing wage rates per state can be found here, as published by the US Government Printing Office. The rates are determined per work classification, and are based on the rates of the workers located in the locality or the nearest labor market.

However, it is possible that the wage determinations that you will use for your prevailing wage project are different than the Davis Bacon rates published on the site. Always refer to the bid documents to make sure that you are paying your prevailing workers correctly.

Determination of Special Prevailing Wage Rates

The contracting officer of your Davis Bacon project must request for the Special Prevailing Wage Rates from the Federal Wage and Hour Division. The project decision provided will only be applicable for the prevailing wage project for which it was issued.

The decision is effective for 180 days, and must be used within the time frame. It will be void after 180 days, and you must make a Request for Authorization of Additional Classification and Rate to your contracting agency.

Davis Bacon Act Compliance for your Louisiana Prevailing Wage Project

The contracting agency is responsible for enforcing your compliance with the DBRA. They must perform on-site inspections and interviews for the prevailing wage project to check your compliance. They must also audit your employees’ certified payroll records.

Should there be any discrepancies or violations of the Davis Bacon prevailing wage law, they can bring complains to the Department of Labor for further enforcement.

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