Prevailing Wage Workers Play Vital Role after Irma and Harvey

Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey have caused the activation of volunteers and responders to help Florida recover. Aside from the National Guardsmen and military in active duty, government contractors also play a big role in this painstaking process. They serve as a vital connection between federal, state, and local relief operations. An example of a company doing so is Engility.

Relief operations are more effective with government contractors

Enlisting the help of prevailing wage workers doesn’t mean that the government isn’t capable of doing their job. Government contractors just possess the right technology and logistics that will fill in the gap where government agencies fall short.

The role of Engility prevailing wage workers in relief operations

Engility received a $45 million contract in 2015 from NORTHCOM. They have deployed their prevailing wage workers to Florida and the Caribbean in the path of Hurricane Irma.

They are currently providing the logistics that will enable government workers to communicate in an austere environment. This includes video, voice and LTE communications. This makes it possible for federal workers to hold a video conference in a disaster area. They can share a map or just talk over the phone.

The prevailing wage workers of Engility track the IT equipment being sent to disaster zones. They also assist in configuring the equipment.

Relief operations for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma open opportunities

Engility is one of the many government contractors that support diversity in the workplace. Their prevailing wage workers are composed of former military, high school graduates and experienced professionals.

Most of the products and services that they offer are enhanced by the previous experience of their employees. As of today, Engility is still assisting in the relief operation in Texas. The state’s metropolitan area was largely devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Ensure Government Contracting Success with ARCHER JORDAN

There are many ways to work with the government and this includes relief operations. Once you win a project, you must ensure that you set the right amount of benefits for prevailing wage workers. This will also ensure that prevailing wage workers won’t leave their jobs in the middle of the project.

Contact our team at ARCHER JORDAN today and we’ll help you succeed in your chosen field of government contracting.

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