Mississippi Prevailing Wage

Quick Guide for MS Government Contractors

The state of Mississippi is a Little Davis Bacon state and does not have its own state prevailing wage laws. Prevailing wage projects contracted by the state of Mississippi are governed by the Davis Bacon and Related Acts, under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Labor. DBRA sets the minimum wage that prevailing wage contractors like you should pay your hourly workers, when working on public works construction and projects.

Determination of Prevailing Wage Rates in Mississippi

The list of prevailing wage rates for each state can be found in this site, and is published by the U.S. Government Printing Office. Rates are identified and set per trade classification, based on the rates of the workers in the locality or the nearest labor market.

To ensure that you are using the correct prevailing wage rates for your prevailing wage project, refer to your bid specifications. There is a possibility that you may be using a different schedule of rates than what is published in the site. You must pay your workers no less than the prevailing wage rates listed in the rate schedule.

Special Prevailing Wage Rates

The awarding body or contracting agency may request for special determinations on a per project basis. The special determinations may contain pre-determined increases to the rates. The contracting agency should send the request to the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division.

Compliance with Davis Bacon Act

Compliance to the provisions of the Davis Bacon Act is enforced by the contracting agency. It is the contracting agency’s responsibility to hire inspectors for audit activities, onsite inspection, and interviews. If a contractor refuses to comply with the provisions of the DBRA, the Department of Labor can step in for further investigation.

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