New Jersey Prevailing Wage

A Guide for NJ Prevailing Wage Contractors

New Jersey is a state with its own prevailing wage laws. Detailed in the New Jersey Prevailing Wage Act, these laws are designed to make sure that those who work for government contractors and subcontractors are paid accordingly. These include both fair prevailing wage rates and fringe benefits as required by the state.

Different Counties, Different Prevailing Wage Rates

It can get quite confusing for prevailing wage contractors to keep track of the prevailing wage rates. This is because in New Jersey, the rates differ from county to county.  The prevailing wage rate for Bergen, for example, may differ from that of Somerset. 

Here is a list of New Jersey prevailing wage rates as categorized by county.  Note that all rates remain in effect until new rates are published. These rates are determined by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Wage and Hour Compliance, Public Contracts Section.

Davis-Bacon Act Compliant

The NJ prevailing wage law complies with the requirements of the Davis Bacon Act. Just like the Davis Bacon Act, the prevailing wage law enforces strict rules to assure that workers’ rights are protected at all times. This is especially true when it comes to compensation. It also ensures transparency in government spending. 

It is important for prevailing wage contractors to know the New Jersey prevailing wage rates way before the project starts. All government contractors and subcontractors are required to publicly display all rates according to craft and classification. This task can be compounded by the fact that rates can change at any time. Workers should be informed when this happens. 

Let ARCHER JORDAN Help You Avoid Penalties

New Jersey strictly enforces its state prevailing wage laws. Compliance officers are on the lookout for government contractors and subcontractors who do not follow New Jersey prevailing wage rates. Once caught, the employer can be fined up to a thousand dollars and might even face jail time.

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