10 Most Common OSHA Violations in 2017

Keep Your Prevailing Wage Workers Safe

Here is a bit of information that will be very helpful for both prevailing wage workers and prevailing wage contractors.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) just released its 10 most common violations for fiscal year 2017.  By announcing these violations, OSHA hopes to improve workplace safety for hourly workers in the US.

Common OSHA Violations

Here is a quick rundown of the violations that made it into the list.

  • Fall Protection (6,072 violations). 

While the figure is lower than last year, prevailing wage contractors are still reminded to make sure that their workers are protected especially when they are working at high places. 

  • Hazard Communication (4, 176 violations). 

To maintain workplace safety, prevailing wage workers should be properly informed about hazardous chemicals found in the workplace.  Contractors are expected to label containers properly and to give hourly workers proper training in handling these.

  • Scaffolding (3,288 violations).

Safety features such as guardrails and sturdy construction should be given importance.

  • Respiratory Protection (3,097 violations).

Risks to the respiratory system of workers might arise during construction.  Employers are asked to keep employees’ safety as the number one priority. 

  • Lockout/Tagout (2,877 violations). 

Training and periodic machine inspection should be included in the contractors’ safety protocol.

  • Ladders (2, 241 violations)

Ladders should be durable and must be used properly.

  • Powered Industrial Trucks (2, 162 violations). 

Workers dealing with trucks must be certified and must have received adequate training in operating them.

  • Machine Guarding (1, 933 violations).

Workplace hazards such as rotating parts or flying sparks must be dealt with accordingly.

  • Fall Protection Training Requirements (1, 523 violations).

Workers should be given proper fall protection training by an expert preferably from OSHA. 

  • Electrical Wiring Methods (1, 405 violations). 

Sometimes, even the most experienced worker gets complacent and employs faulty electrical wiring methods.  This should be addressed by contractors immediately.

Commitment to Workplace Safety

To ensure the safety of prevailing wage workers, OSHA reminds contractors must exhaust all means to avoid these violations.  The welfare of hourly workers must be given top priority at all times.  Sizeable civil and even criminal sanctions are in place as punitive measures for erring employers.

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