What Human Resources Departments Can Learn from the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

3 Things HR of Prevailing Wage Contractors Should Remember

Unless you are living in a box, or somewhere totally isolated from human interaction, then you have heard of the story that shook Hollywood these past weeks. The sexual harassment allegations made against Harvey Weinstein is proof that sexual attacks can happen to anyone of any stature.

What made it even more devastating is the fact that fear of speaking against sexual predators is very real. When the employee is fighting against someone in the higher ranks of the company, the employee is not only putting her current job at risk, but her entire career and future as well. HR managers and personnel can take away significant lessons from the Harvey Weinstein case.

How do you protect your hourly workers’ welfare and ensure workplace safety when the enemy is someone from the C-ranks of the company?

1.    Company policies are not enough.

Every company has written policies against harassment of any form. Sadly, this is not enough. To be able to fight off all kinds of harassment in the organization, the HR department needs the whole support of the Board and its Directors.

Members of the Board themselves must be more firm in implementing company policies, in all levels. They must take real and visible action, so that it is clear that harassment will not be tolerated, even with those in the Board themselves.

2.    It is important to create an environment where victims are not afraid to speak up.

Whether it’s the fear of being ridiculed or losing his or her job, the HR department must create a process where victims can speak up without these fears. The victim must feel safe, without fear of retaliation from the accused. These concerns must be dealt with sensitivity and support. This can be done through better training and enforcement of harassment policies in the organization.

3.    Directors and shareholders must also be trained on enforcement against harassment.

Realistically, you cannot have a personnel from the human resources department tell a CEO or a director what he can and cannot do. That is why it is important to also have enforcement at the top-level of the organization, so people of influence can deal with the matter properly.

Protect the Welfare and Safety of Your Prevailing Wage and Hourly Workers

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