Pros and Cons of Microchipping Hourly Workers and Prevailing Wage Workers

Will Companies and Employees Benefit from Microchipping Workers?

Installing microchips on employees in lieu of identification cards is one of the options companies are facing nowadays to track their workers. A microchip is a miniscule device the size of a grain of rice. It can be implanted on a person’s body and can function as an identification device. Instead of swiping a card, employees with microchips can access rooms and use equipment with this little device. Additionally, companies will be able to track their hourly employees easily and accurately.

Several companies around the world have already started using microchips on the hands of their prevailing wage workers. Inserted between the thumb and index finger, a microchip can store information that can be read by machines and devices.

However, as with all kinds of technology, microchips have pros and cons. The practice of installing microchips have raised both negative and positive reactions.

Pros of Microchipping Prevailing Wage Workers and Employees

Employers who install microchips on their employees are usually the ones who benefit the most from this technology. Because the microchip is embedded and cannot be separated from the employees, employers can conveniently track their attendance, activities, and movement patterns without having to follow them the whole day.

For the employees, the convenience of microchips is undeniable. With a simple wave of a hand, employees can access anything and any place without having to worry whether they brought their I.D card with them.

Cons of Microchipping Prevailing Wage Workers and Employees

Since a microchip is a foreign object that is implanted on a person’s body, there are certain health issues to consider. There are tests that were done on the microchips’ effects on the human body but only for a short period of time. Its long term effects are still unknown.

Even if it is convenient for employers to check whether their employees are at work during work hours, especially for hourly workers, it still raises some issues on privacy. Another downside of having microchips on prevailing wage workers is that the privacy and security of workers are compromised. Issues such as interception, attacks and data corruption are only some of the alarming possible repercussions of this technology.

Whether it is beneficial to both the employers and employees or not, microchipping is certainly a technology that must be carefully considered.

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