Government Contracting Tips: Winning Bid Protests

Having Disputes Resolved in your Favor

Government contracting involves many regulated processes, from the solicitation and the awarding of the contract, to checks for compliance with laws and regulations. Bid protests are another part of the system which involve resolving disputes that involve federal procurement. Knowing how to successfully win bid protests and secure the contract is part of the government contracting tips that you should know.

How Government Contractors Can Win Bid Protests

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) bid protest is a fair, speedy, and efficient method of challenging award decisions you believe to be incorrect. Winning a bid protest would allow your business to gain from the contract, but this would only happen if you have the right timing and the right facts.

Here are some ways you can ensure a favorable resolution:

1.    Know Your Grounds for Protest

Don’t waste your time trying to contest a procurement error through the GAO if the challenge you are raising does not have enough evidence or logic behind it. Raising a GAO bid protest is not the solution for instances when you doubt the final decision or judgment of an agency. A GAO bid protest is effective when used to challenge clearer and more objective cases, such as:

  • Mistakes in the solicitation process, such as in the Request for Proposal, that put your business at a competitive disadvantage
  • Violations of the selection criteria or of a certain law
  • The removal of your business from a competitive pool of potential government contractors

2.    Act Fast

There are deadlines you have to meet if you want to successfully launch, and later win, a bid protest. Generally, government contractors should file the protest 10 calendar days after they “knew or should have known” of the basis for the challenge, or 10 calendar days after a required government debriefing is held.

3.    Know What to Expect in the Process

Like any transaction involving the government, there is a considerable amount of process and paperwork involved in raising a bid protest. This is why you should make sure to have a professional team, a lawyer or a consultant on hand to help you.

Knowing what to expect can also aid you in planning. Know details such as specific deadlines and requirements so that you don’t lose the bid protest. You should also check if your options for reconsideration and even appeal, in case of a denied protest.

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