Government Contracting with Department of Homeland Security

Getting Started and Learning of Opportunities with DHS

Government contracting with the Department of Homeland Security is possible if you offer the services that they need. As the U.S. faces a number of threats every day, the need for high quality security also increases. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a department of the U.S. federal government whose main purpose is to protect and secure the nation against attacks and threats.

The Department of Homeland Security presents some opportunities to small businesses. Aside from the usual government services, there are specialized science and technology opportunities as well.

Read on to learn more about the opportunities available in government contracting.

Government Contracting with the Homeland Security

If you are looking to do business with the Department of Homeland Security, you must accustom yourself with the different rules and guidelines. Here are the things that you need to start with.

1.    Know if you are eligible.

There is a specific size standard if you want to qualify as a small business and be eligible for government contracting. Your small business must be organized for profit and must operate in the U.S. Your business must also be independently owned and must not be dominant on a national level.

2.    Register for government contracting

To register as a government contractor, first, you need to obtain a D-U-N-S number or a nine-digit identification number that is based on your location. Next, register you must register your business with the System of Award Management or SAM, which will put you in the official database of vendors that are in business with the government.

3.    Find your NAICS code

The NAICS code is the North American Industry Classification System which classifies your company for federal contracting purposes.

Government Contracting Opportunities with Homeland Security

There are many government contracting opportunities available to contractors who want to work with DHS. This ranges from program management and clerical, to science and technology opportunities, and more.

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