Government Contracting with the United States Postal Service

Tips for Doing Business with the USPS

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is dedicated to implementing projects with a diverse set of prevailing wage contractors. The agency wants to maximize supply chain management in order to consistently give outstanding service to their clients. If you are among the prevailing wage contractors that want to perform government contracting agency, read on below to learn the ways on how you can do so.

Areas Where Government Contractors and USPS can Work Together

The first step in government contracting is knowing if the agency has needs that your business can provide. USPS purchases different goods and services that can be divided into 5 portfolios:

1.    Facilities – this includes purchasing of designs and equipment that are not related to mailing, construction and other related services.

2.    Mailing equipment – this includes purchasing operational equipment, automation and services for materials handling.

3.    Services – the services purchased in this portfolio include consultancy, maintenance, repair and operations services.

4.    Supplies – this covers a wider scope of goods, including computer hardware, software and vehicles.

5.    Transportation – this includes purchasing of different types of mail transportation, bulk fuel, equipment for mail transport and their maintenance.

Methods Used in Government Contracting with the USPS

The USPS is exempt from a lot of the laws that are being followed for government contracting. This is because it is required by the law to function like a business despite being a government agency. The different processes can be found in their own Purchasing Manual.

1.    Competition and Publicizing

Opportunities for prevailing wage contractors are posted at the Federal Business Opportunities website and Commerce Business Daily. Register your company at the SADI site in order to have a higher chance of winning the project.

2.    Evaluation

Aside from the price, the proposals of government contractors are scrutinized based on past performance, capability to do the work and other performance factors that are specific for the project. Oral presentations may be requested if needed.

3.    Local Buying

Day-to-day operational requirements worth millions of dollars are purchased through local buying. This is done in local offices nationwide.

4.    Prequalification

Top-quality prevailing wage contractors are identified up-front to compete for a specific government contracting opportunity during prequalification. This type of process is beneficial since it enhances competition and challenges the prevailing wage contractors to perform better.

5.    E-Purchasing

E-purchasing reduces the time consumed for evaluation, awarding of contracts and payment.

Increase Your Chances of Winning a USPS Project with Help from ARCHER JORDAN

The USPS closely monitors at the performance of their chosen government contractors. If you want to score future government contracting opportunities with USPS, make sure that you perform to meet or even exceed their standards.

ARCHER JORDAN can help you achieve this by making sure that you comply with the prevailing wage requirements of federal and state laws. Call us today to find out more about this opportunity!

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