Government Contracting with the DISA

Government Contracting Tips with the Defense Information Systems Agency

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is the federal contracting arm of the military that acquires telecommunications and IT products. A range of contract vehicles is being used by federal contracting experts to improve the process. It ensures that the armed services can access cutting-edge technology and services for their missions.

Opportunities for Government Contractors in DISA

DISA creates large contract vehicles with the DOD for the following IT services:

o   Engineering

o   Hardware

o   Equipment and maintenance

o   Integration and support

o   Cyber security

o   Computer technology

o   Defense Information System Network Access (DISN)

Services that are not classified as DISN telecommunication circuit or system are purchased on an individual basis. Mission partners fully reimburse this type of purchases.

How to Become One of the Prevailing Wage Contractors of DISA

  • Those who are interested in government contracting with DISA can reach out to the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO).
  • A Forecast to Industry event is also held every year. This event is free of charge. The government contractors who will attend this event will learn about the acquisition and procurement plans of DISA. This year’s DISA will be on November 6, at the Ronald Raegan Building and International Trade Center.
  • If you want to show an innovative product or service, you may want to join a Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM). It is organized by DISA that serves as a platform for government contractors to show their expertise in these areas:

o   Traditional/Cloud Computing Services

o   Data Analytics

o   Unified Capabilities

o   DevOps

o   Cybersecurity

o   NetOps

o   Mobility

o   Networking

Keep in mind that participating in a TEM doesn’t mean that you will be given a contract or solicitation automatically.

DISA also Performs Federal Contracting with Small Businesses

The Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) ensures that small businesses have a chance to receive a fair share of the DISA contracts. Examples of small businesses covered are small disadvantaged, small women owned, SDVOSB and historically black colleges. It also provides technical assistance such as workshops, forums and conferences.

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