Millennial vs Generation Z Prevailing Wage Workers

Get to Know Your Prospective Prevailing Wage Workers

Just when you have your millennial prevailing wage workers figured out, here comes the new generation of prevailing wage workers: the generation Z. Those who belong in the generation Z group are born after 1998.

Before you think of throwing out the window the changes that you have made to your recruitment and engagement processes to cater to the millennial workforce, we have good news for you. Generation Z’ers are not that much different from their predecessors.

Read on and get to know the incoming members of your company.

Generation Z’ers prefer to customize their career plans.

Like the millennials, generation Z workers prefer customization, and this includes their career path. From their social media profile pages, clothing, cars, to their gym memberships, these new generations like to have things customized to their taste and liking.

They look for meaning in all that they do.

Both millennial and generation Z workers look for meaning in the things that they do. They would want to work for a company that contribute to the growth of the community and has a good impact to society.

They value professional development.

The new generation of workers may seem ambitious in the workplace. Like their predecessors, generation Z’ers want to develop their leadership skills and other workplace skills. They know the importance of development and continuous learning, and are driven to learn and grow.

They want coaches.

Coaching is the leadership style that works best with millennials and generation Z’ers. They will not look to you, their boss, for answers. Rather they would want you to guide them through their decision-makings and actions.

Generation Z kids were born gamers.

Like the millennials, generation Z kids grew up in a world where Nintendo and PlayStation are one of the hottest toys. This affinity to gaming grows with the new generations. If you want to engage these new workers, infuse an element of gaming to your employee trainings and activities.

They are contributors by nature.

Generation Z workers value the influence that they have on decision making processes. Even as kids, they help in family planning and activities. This desire to help and contribute grows with them. They would want to contribute and have their voices heard in crucial and big decisions at the workplace.

They want feedback.

Both millennials and generation Z’ers are comfortable with feedback, but the communication must be quick, mobile, and do not take much of their time.

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