Fact: Millions Lack Health Coverage in Suburbs

Report Reveals Healthcare Dilemma

Healthcare is one of the most important employee benefits that you can give to your hourly workers. But a report by the MedicalXpress revealed that nearly 40% of Americans that lack health coverage come from the suburbs. One out of every seven suburban resident has zero coverage at all.

Despite the suburb’s reputation for affluence, the study highlights that there is a growing population of poor people in the suburban areas. They also have more difficulty accessing health care compared to the urban and rural poor.

What are the causes of the lack of healthcare of those living in the suburban areas?

Poverty has been increasing in the suburbs since the 2008 recession, due to the following reasons:

·       Job losses

·       Wealth losses

·       Cities are pricing out lower-income families

·       Commodity prices are lower in the suburban areas

·       An influx of immigrants in the suburban areas

The rise in poverty can be one of the reasons why more and more people have no health coverage.

What are the statistics?

To clearly see the overall situation, here are some figures from the study:

·       People living in the suburbs make up 44% of the total population.

·       People living in the suburbs make up 38% of the uninsured population.

·       Uninsured rate in the suburbs is 15%

·       19% of the people living in the suburbs have no access or source to usual healthcare.

·       34% of the people living in the suburbs do not undergo annual medical checkups.

What makes finding healthcare in the suburbs difficult?

The number of uninsured suburban people fell under the Affordable Care Act. However, the study finds specific items in which suburban areas are lacking or need to make some improvements, to make healthcare access easier.

·       Lack of community health centers and free clinics

·       Hospitals are far from home and have limited public transport

·       Healthcare service providers that are reluctant to care for uninsured patients

·       Limited availability of special care providers such as for mental health and substance abuse.

What can you do as a government contractor?

As a government contractor, you can help reduce the number of Americans without healthcare coverage. If you are in the suburban areas, or have projects in other areas as well, you can provide healthcare benefits as part of your hourly employees’ fringe benefits.

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