Employee Benefits Should Ease Employee Stress

How Can You Help De-Stress Your Prevailing Wage Contractors?

Employee benefits could be more than just a form of compensation, or a way to lure more talented recruits in. Unique incentives which are getting more popular by the day can actually have an impact on employee stress and worker productivity.

Modern Employment Benefits

There is a rising trend in human resource and work management moving away from traditional employee benefits towards more unique “millennial” benefits. Prevailing wage workers and hourly workers still appreciate staples such as retirement plans, health coverage and educational coverage, but new workplace issues are taking precedence.

The new unique employee benefits include flexible work, personalized wellness programs, and mental health programs. In flexible work time, employees have the benefit of working when they want as long as they meet either a set number of hours or a set number of goals. They also have the choice to work remotely from home or elsewhere.

Personalized wellness programs include gamification and recognition for tracked successes. Other employment benefits include dedicated sabbaticals for personal growth and exploration.

Employee Benefits and Stress

Employee benefits help companies foster a healthy and empathetic work culture. Aside from that, these new employee benefits meet the needs of millennial employees and hourly workers.

Many reports say that millennials experience higher stress levels than any other age group. Millennial employees also report that their stress has a strong impact on their own physical and mental well-being.

There is now a shift towards thinking that stress isn’t just a symptom of a problem, it can actually cause problems as well. With this realization, employers are using unique and targeted benefits to address the underlying cause of such stress.

Personalized wellness programs and financial literacy courses are two prime examples of how employment benefits can directly target the individual stressors experienced by millennial employees and prevailing wage workers.

At the end of the day, reducing workers’ stress contributes to better productivity and positive growth for the company.

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